Ryan Mills

Artist Statement

I choose to create work that is real and free of any fa├žade put up for the outside world. Work that is a true representation of the people I meet where ever they may live. It's always a collaboration, guided by what I see and what they bring. My choice of black and white film and a large format camera allows me to focus on the subject and strip away the needless distractions. It's about intentionally keeping it simple without losing the elements that make the subject, their lifestyle, and their culture unique.

Work that spans time is very important to me, I never want to photograph someone just once. It's in that regard children bring a unique grace to my work. I'm inspired by their honesty and how they are comfortable with themselves simply as they are. I feel the time we spend as children is small but important. When I photograph a child it's about capturing that that tiny fraction of time. It's not about a pretty smile, it's saving a moment that is real, that is truly them. Because by that time next year, they will be a new person.